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"Make something of your life and of the circumstances......!"

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

EKD and the Roman Catholic Church

Parish Alexanderkirche

27793 Wildeshausen (27793 Wild Dwell)

Germany, Luebeck, 26 August 2018

Free English translation on 22 July 2021. Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right persons.

Wildes-Hausen (Wild Dwell) and the Metabolism-Weddings.


Dear Father Loewensen, Dear Father Loewe, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Clergy and Dear Readers,

As can be seen from the above subject line, my person is writing to you and others because of the evangelical service broadcast this Sunday, which can be described as successful.

Especially the Alexander Church carried weight of the service, which is a very beautiful church and was used via television as a solid and appropriate place of worship for the broadcast, whereby my person caught herself thinking that this beautiful church should actually be used for the true "metabolism" towards divinity by the congregation.

Honourably, my person would like to mention, despite the reservation towards the Protestant church, that it was said by one of the two Protestant dignitaries that no one can be deprived of their faith in God, which indeed is and remains something very individual and personal. But on the other hand, it was also claimed that God forgives everything and, from your point of view, this also includes a separation or divorce of a marriage!

So my person has to wonder how you, as the spokesperson of today's service, want to know what God forgives or can forgive, because through the Ten Commandments given by Him and through the sacrament of marriage and the marriage vows given in front of God, this would therefore be a clear contradiction in terms! How do you and others come to simply ignore these clear facts and inconspicuously and in keeping with the times create your own laws, which will then also increasingly include and affect a Catholic, which can have completely different consequences for the respective person?

My person can claim from her own experience that a divorce of a blessed marriage is also a breach of word in front of God and the church, which at the same time also applies to "having affairs", since the change of substance towards the divine is affected by another love partner and not only the person, but also Jesus Christ, the access to God the Creator, is affected and involved. This can cause, among other things, severe psychosis in an affected or afflicted spouse, but also if one has to hold on to the failed marriage, as life can then come to an end for one or both of the spouses.

Should "death have knocked at the door" as a result of the conducted marriage, then the marriage vow in front of God would not necessarily have been broken, since through the sacrament of marriage it says: Until death ("us") do the spouses part.

Nevertheless, under certain circumstances it can mean: What God has joined together,

let not man put asunder!! !

As you and others arrange life according to the times, you as the dignitaries, but primarily you as the Catholic clergy, should also renounce the sacrament of marriage according to the times, because you as the clergy have done nothing against the legitimised divorce and you and others will not know anything about the metabolism of life. This is true of many, but it is especially true of some clergy who are bound to certain strands in the counterpart of the metabolism towards the Divine which can put the clergy in quite dangerous and diabolical metabolic disorders!

For how can it be that, for example, in one state of the USA, hundreds of cases of child abuse have arisen through the very top of humanity as the clergy, without a called commission having asked itself serious questions in this respect, and without the phenomenon having been investigated by which such a matter could be possible? Did all these affected men with a tendency to morbid sexual behaviour appropriate and obtain the difficult status of a theologian or clergyman, or how does this phenomenon actually really behave?

Were these affected boys and later men born to be clergymen for these diabolical deeds, or are these "fringe groups" or the top of humanity fundamentally quite vulnerable and attackable and ultimately weak because the devil already has the upper hand? ?

How is metabolism related to the change to the devilish?

How many more alarming signs do you and others need and who controls the change or can control the change? And why do scientists, theologians or philosophers investigate everything but not the most important matter at all?

You as a Protestant with your contemporary conformity owe a true Clergyman quite a lot and especially you as a Protestant dignitary owe the Lord and Creator quite a lot more!

A well-mixed "witch" should be available for every mentally ill person in "our Wild-Dwell" during the end times and let change into the metabolic of the respective wedding dress, which however belongs to the leash of my person, so that the sexual abuse of another person and the animal sex comes under a control, but especially also so that the already several times announced changing of the wedding couples can lawfully take place!

Once again, something must be made very clear about this:

The twisting of facts and virtualities has long been part of the everyday life of our time, such as the above-mentioned assertion, which you may also quite easily and quite incidentally make and publicly disseminate, but which can be very disastrous for many a person and such assertions even lead beyond death, such as your contemporary and permitted abortions!

In conclusion, I would like to illustrate the inconspicuous twisting or suppression of facts and virtualities quite simply with an example:

Today on Sunday afternoon there is again the TV programme: Bingo, the environmental lottery!

Environmental pollution is also related to metabolism disorders. On the one hand, Bingo sponsors really good projects and this programme is really entertaining, but on the other hand, extensive journeys are raffled and these are shown via TV**, thus clearly and sustainably awakening travel desires, which in terms of quantity have very environmentally harmful consequences due to the use of aeroplanes, but these shown "advertised" ** travel possibilities are made public quite inconspicuously by a legitimised environmental lottery, which could be compared quite well with your position as a Protestant dignitary, in that on the one hand you appear as a Christian church, but on the other hand you could quite inconspicuously cause more harm than good!

My person lets at times every so-called spokesman, who attacks or changes the Ten Commandments given to us human beings and the sacraments connected with them, be beaten the living hell out of them, so that they and their comrades-in-arms get on their knees and come back down to earth, also so that further called ones can come into the" change of the wedding dress", unless the Pope leads the word and changes the given Ten Commandments or the sacraments!

Thus and not otherwise I remain.

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: A lottery game usually always has many losers and very few winners; so it is better to refrain from gambling with the Ten Commandments and the Sacraments, especially if you are already living

in "Wild Dwell"!! !

"Make something of your life and circumstances by, for example, "unobtrusively" but consistently reducing the devil to his original size!"

** 2 September 2019