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Willkommen & Most Welcome

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Subject: Matter - Distributor worldwide

Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2018 10:25:05 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch <>


Video: Eucharist - Das Wort zum Sonntag - ARD | Das Erste

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany


Reverend Wolfgang Beck

Hildesheim CO/


The Word for Sunday


Germany, Luebeck, Sunday, 10 June 2018

Free English translation on 22 July 2021. 

Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right places.


Video: Eucharist - The Word for Sunday - ARD | Das Erste

Dear Reverend W. Beck, Dear Clergy, Dear Gentlemen and Dear Readers,

Yesterday evening via TV and this morning on the Internet my person, of whom many so-called Christians have already been informed, was able to hear the Word on Sunday, whereby you, Reverend, had the floor and this word was disseminated by the public broadcaster "Das Erste".

So you and others will have to allow my person to correct this spreading of half-truths, because quite obviously you and your kind have simply not been able to notice through your mind that we as mankind have long since found ourselves in the Revelation of John and are thus at the end of time!

How did such a thing become possible? This is a fundamental question that needs an answer.

If one went or had gone among Catholics, then as a good observer one could see that when a Catholic came back from celebrating the Eucharist, something must have happened to the person that changed the one slightly.

The person became at least belligerent and moody through the strengthening of the sacrament, whereby my person had to ask the question once:

"Have you just been to church or what is the matter with you?"

That was some years ago now, however, even to this day, not a single Catholic here in my hometown has approached my person and informed me about the matter that are going on here about my person.

But surely not to protect my person and my family, because that has not been the case at all for years! 

And now I ask you in what you and your kind actually want to strengthen people, because even my person cannot keep the devil in check for long, if you and your kind will not stop abusing our Lord!

"Subdue the world" and take out of the earth what is not nailed down, because global warming is of no interest and the next earthquake is sure to come!

"Do this in remembrance of me" and hold on tight, even if only fragments of the body of Christ might still be there, because after all, there is no man-made suffering, but the Lord God alone bears the guilt and the burden!

One can also misuse the biblical tradition and make everything look good to oneself, but then one misses life if one suppresses reality, **and one gains it, of course,** by finally having to protect the higher law by one`s own body and not giving away the body of the Lord.

You can only give something away if it belongs to you, and that is a principle for everyone.

One can administer something that belongs to "another", and that is the difference also in dealing with the sacraments and especially this applies to the sacrament of Holy Communion, which has absolutely nothing to do with "small small"!

I am glad that there are still Catholics who have spoken to you about this and that there is nothing strange about people protecting the "Body of Christ", because my ancestors were worried about the Lord God and saw exactly what is coming, which can no longer be denied today!

The connection of the Christian community and the unity in faith also with our Pope goes higher than you will guess, because finally and at last you have also been connected via satellites and so you will surely now allow my person to "fix" the link of your word to Sunday in my page!

Shame on you and your kind, you want to strengthen people and cause a "going on" in a wrong direction and you don't even need to get your hands dirty, because after all there is the "Body of Christ" which you can hold up and give** to the devil, who has become almost overpowering, isn't it!?

Shame on you, because after all you can hold on to the "Body of Christ" by the command: "Do this in remembrance of me", which has quite obviously long since been broken, because then you also do not have to hold a service through a sermon, but only give a lecture,** by what a sermon* would have been a possible strengthening for people.

But indeed, the strengthening is coming and indeed by the Cudgel of my person, which is then also recognisable for you and your kind, but my person will absolutely and unceasingly take care that if necessary by force by the respective Federal Armed Forces or the Federal Border Guard of every state on earth all Eucharistic celebrations during the transitional period towards a possible new beginning of the age will be prevented, which only makes sense and applies to Catholicism and thus the command of the Lord cannot be fundamentally disregarded!

Only in this way will the cycle of life be able to renew itself again, what you can all see from my various homepages how this will happen.

And at the end of this letter I would like to show you for a future what makes a sermon and so I would like to clarify the difference to a lecture by the above mentioned fixed link:


"My Dear and good Sheep, 

It is becoming increasingly clear in the news that people have to flee, because they have no rights and no prospects worth living for in their homeland.

What might be the reason for this?

And at the same time, the world is now experiencing a trade war, because every state or every community of states seeks and finds its advantages and the disadvantages of the other states through the so-called world-economic-system.

Surely this is because the national economy of every capitalist state has been tied to consumption and to the stock market and now, no one can get their neck full, you stuffed and fat white sheep, you!

More and more steel and aluminium has to be taken out of the ground, so that you and your kind can finally get your neck full and enough new vehicles can be produced that warm up and pollute the environment and in this way jobs can be kept.

Whether the president of the USA prefers to impose high tariffs on German steel or does not, not has long since ceased to matter!

What does matter is the excessive exploitation and the current clear signs of the earth, you pleasure-seeking foxes, who don't want to use your brains and participate in the exploitation of the earth, in the pollution of the seas and the air, you diseased horrible glutton, you!

Stop now the abuse that comes from all sides, you dumbed-down and stupid sheep of the nuclear age!

Go in peace and finally put things in order, you cowardly and false white glutton sheep!"


Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch, the one with the Cudgel in the Sack!

Welcome! (

HP: This has something to do with "big big"!

Unfortunately, this letter has to be published in one of my homepages; that again has something to do with "small small"!

**Expression corrected. 

The vicious circle is open even without the abuse of the "transformations respectively Eucharist"!"

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