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A Bad Atmosphere At The End Of The Time.......

Xenophobia, hatred, terrorism, wars, abortions, environmental disasters, illnesses, misery, famines, migrations, destruction of the families and a lot more...............….



Willkommen & Most Welcome

Eine schlechte Atmosphäre am Ende der Zeit.......

Fremdenfeindlichkeit, Hass, Terrorismus, Kriege, Abtreibungen, Umweltkatastrophen, Krankheiten, Elend, Hungersnöte, Völkerwanderungen, Zerstörung der Familien und vieles, vieles mehr...................

Dead en Masse and pure Chaos!

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Royal Danish Ambassadors

Berlin/ Copenhagen

Worldwide/ CC

Luebeck, 19 April 2022

The downright Pleading for a Nuclear War is getting on my Nerves!

Please let that German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

How do you actually imagine the progress in the matter and commission of the Lord, if you do not want to make any contemporary regulations, but as Europeans and Americans will basically sponsor a very dangerous war and after a longer period of time will push this war to the extreme by getting the answer by pressing the red button in case of an unacceptable defeat of Russia!

This is quite easily recognisable and already pre-programmed and every militarily experienced person in charge knows this and so does my person!

It is incomprehensible to my person that in this dangerous situation Ukraine has to buy or scam its accelerated membership or admission to the EU through war and through soldiers or civilians and their lives, by allegedly also further states of Europe could be attacked by Russia.

If this threat to Europe is confirmed in the meantime, then this claim has only become possible through the course of the war.

The situation clearly shows us all that there can be no winners of the war and this situation is aggravated by a mutating CORONA-virus which, as already feared by Prof. Dr. Lauterbach, could become a killer virus.

Is it not enough that the virus will cause deaths in the future, is it also necessary to wage a senseless and dangerous war that could turn out to be a nuclear world war?

Do earthquakes have to be added to this or do more severe weather catastrophes have to set in, so that everyone is only concerned with getting themselves out of the danger zone or being able to protect themselves?

Do you and others need this action to be obedient? And how, pray tell, should the Authorities then still be able to act?

The sickening behaviour of the local population and citizens here only makes my person angry, or more appropriately, it makes my person furious that the playing with the values of my children, my family and my person continues, as if those in charge can no longer get enough information or action, but do not realise that the devil is taking advantage of this situation to ensure further misunderstandings that can only cost precious time.

End the war in Europe, as already ordered by an Attachment Special Letter, and then please end the wars in the world, especially as other groupings of other states with their own interests can interfere in this terrible war in disguise, which has probably happened several times.

Stop your primitive acting rubbish on the spot, in that the citizens in Luebeck must be properly positioned and deployed, because after all, the war between Ukraine and Russia, but also the previous wars in the world, did not necessarily have to break out or last, or perhaps they did?

Moreover, there are enough foreign contemporary witnesses on the spot in the matter, who will please stop straining the hospitality of the FRG even as a naturalised person, in that these persons will turn to the competent health office of the respective city as contemporary witnesses or the health office will have to turn to the citizens concerned!

Language is the means of communication of the hour. Technical aids should not be used unnecessarily and technical records of the conversation should not be used.

A truthful protocol or a short report in the matter must be handwritten for security reasons, for the protection of the truth and the foreign people in the FRG, what would then have to be continued throughout Europe.

This and much more will no longer be possible, if the above-mentioned and foreseeable chaos breaks out and if the time available, to which my person is bound, is wasted!

Can you and others really not make independent and correct decisions?

My person's field of responsibility includes the security of every life after death and that is certainly well over 7.9 billion people, who can have absolutely no security after life beyond death!

This high field of technology and cultures foreign to my person cannot be served exclusively from a distance, at least my person lacks the logical explanation in the matter!

It is time for the departure or change of place of my person as well, while it is still possible.

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: The offer of the Moscow trip remains valid from my end.