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Willkommen & Most Welcome

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Interpersonal Relationships and VATICAN Verdict

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Fri, 26 Mar 2021 12:40:59 +0100

Ursula Sabisch <>,

Please let that German-language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Dear Mr. Schnell, Dear Readers, Dear Clergy,

Enclosed, my person sends you i. a. two links from a homepage collection, that contains the entire cycle of life and thus a clear, expandable and future-oriented concept could be presented that, among other things, is of great importance in terms of content for our end times.

I am now wondering why Bishop B. has received correspondence from many people regarding the recent events of the Church in relation to the Vatican Verdict, but he has clearly not received my personal e-mail or wanted to ignore it.

Of course I am not a journalist or even a writer and it is not easy for my person to explain facts, but nevertheless every thinking person can understand the content and is able to relate to the precious homepages.

Surely it cannot be, that a chairman of the bishops' conference should choose the easier way for him and thereby establish a comfortable and pleasant life for himself, even if there were the danger of dividing the Church of Rome!

There are always causes and backgrounds for the assignment of the sexes, also for the creeping and general reversal of the sexes, so that in the end it can in fact no longer be a man, who will have the say!  

If a person bears a title, such as a doctorate or even a professor title combined with a doctorate, then one may assume, that a certain IQ must also be recognizable in the implementation in the reality and action of these people.

Why don't people with a high IQ ask these and other questions about the development of interpersonal relationships preferably in the democratic and rich countries of the world?  

It cannot and must not be true, that the Church in Rome is not looking or has not searched worldwide for people and the associated events, when the world is clearly threatening to come to an end!

My person has been sent from the highest authority for more than 37 years (Liebfrauengemeinde Luebeck under Pastor Pille) and will also have to teach such a Bishop B., that he does not have to bow to the people, just because he has advantages for himself and for the Church in Germany, because Protestantism, which incidentally comes from Germany, is nothing more than a parallel to the actual truth and the Catholic Church in Germany would no longer be anything else on its own!

All along a part of the Rom. Catholic Church was endeavoured to preserve and protect the truth and the law, by the will of God with his Ten Commandments given us the guideline and most certainly not to make life difficult for people !! 

So my person would almost like to claim, that the cowardly fools have no business in places, whose cannot even think about God and the world properly and reasonably!      

Kind regards,

Ursula Sabisch

This e-mail is now being sent to one of the youngest homepages of my person, because my e-mails may not reach the addressee or they could already come too late for the addressee, because the devil has long since attacked!

HP: The more popular a chairman of a Bishops' Conference is today, the more questionable he is ultimately, and yet certainly also in front of God!   

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* Verdict: meaning, definition, translation ...

IPA: [vɛʁˈdɪkt] Meaning of the word / definition: 1) early judgment, judgment. 2) very negative assessment. Origin of the term: borrowed in the 19th century from English verdict, which goes back to the Latin vērē dictum (literally: "truly spoken") via the old French voirdit. Opposite words: 2) confirmation.